Claiming for Slips, Trips and Falls

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Claiming for Slips, Trips and Falls

Accidents can happen anywhere. They can happen in public on a pavement or road, in a supermarket or care home. Inside a council or landlord owned property or building. In a hotel or restaurant or on public transport. You name it, a slip trip or fall can happen anywhere.

You may have been walking down the street and had a fall due to a loose or defective pavement, an uneven or slippery surface, poor lighting in a corridor or public space or perhaps you fell into a manhole which wasn’t covered properly.

You may have been doing your shopping and slipped on a wet floor. If there were no visible wet floor signs, how could you have been alerted to the hazard?


No win No fee

Our panel solicitors can handle your case on a no win, no fee basis which means there’s nothing to pay upfront and nothing to pay if your case is unsuccessful.

If your case is successful, our panel solicitors take between 25%- 50% from your awarded compensation. This varies amongst our panel members and will be dependent on the law firm we recommend you to as well as your claim type.

Full terms & conditions will be included in your solicitor’s agreement so please read this carefully and speak to them if you are unsure of anything before signing. For more information, please visit our No win No fee page.

You or a family member may have had a recent operation and were given medication which counteracted with your current meds. You may have fainted and collapsed whilst trying to get out of your bed when you were advised that you would be fit enough to venture out.


Falls can be harmless, but they can also be very dangerous. Injuries range from bruises, lacerations, strains, muscle and ligament tears, broken or fractured bones, head trauma, spinal injuries and psychological trauma. There have also been cases where claimants have been left with visible scarring, discolouration or disfigurements which can result in multiple corrective treatments and surgeries.

Claimants which have fell on their face at the time of impact have experienced chipped, cracked or missing teeth and in worse cases, a tooth may have pierced the skin or come through their lip. Restorative work is then required to fix the claimants injuries and appearance.

Our Experienced Panel Solicitors

At Legal Assist, we value your needs. That’s why we have built a specialist panel of slip, trip and fall specialist solicitors experienced in handling public, occupiers and employment liability claims. They routinely handle hundreds, if not thousands of these types of cases each year. They can run your case on a No Win No fee basis which means there’s nothing to pay upfront, or if your case is lost. They take a percentage from your awarded compensation.

Please note: You do not need to use a claims management company to make a claim for compensation. You can use a solicitor or company of your own choice or alternatively you can make a claim yourself for free via the person/entity you wish to claim from or via the relevant ombudsman service. Links to their websites can be found below.

What will they claim for?

Our panel solicitors will review your case thoroughly and take into consideration all aspects of your claim. Some of these points may not be applicable however If your injury is serious or lifechanging all aspects will be considered.

  • Compensation for any physical and psychological injuries sustained.
  • Financial costs for any treatment or surgery required.
  • Loss of earnings (time of work)
  • Family member costs for caring for you whilst you recover.
  • Interim payments to cover living expenses whilst you wait for your compensation.
  • Any medical equipment that you need as a result of your injury such as a wheelchair, hearing aids, mouth retainers. They will also factor in if you need replacements at a later stage in life.
  • Any property adaptations that you may need as a result of your injury such as stairlifts, disability access, downstairs bathrooms and temporary accommodation.

Our Panels Criteria

  • Accident was not your fault.
  • It occurred within the last 3 years.
  • You reported the incident to the council, landlord or a member of staff.

Our panel solicitors may request evidence at a later stage such as images of where the incident took place, images of your injury and any documentation or records that they deem essential to processing your claim. Don’t worry if you don’t have this information to hand. It doesn’t cost anything to find out if our panel members can take your case on, so feel free to contact us today.

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