Clinical or Medical Negligence

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Clinical or Medical Negligence

The NHS is the largest Employer in Europe with around 1.3 million staff. They employ Administrators, Technicians, Rehabilitation & Mental health specialists, Nurses, Midwives, Doctors, and Surgeons to name a few.

They provide medical care and assistance to the public, helping patients with illness, disease, injury, and other health conditions which require their intervention. They also help to bring new life into the world with their midwifery units.

The NHS do a lot of good for this country but sometimes, its rather difficult to get everything right. Organising and governing 1.3 million members of staff is an almost impossible task, but they do manage to do this effectively most of the time.

No win No fee

Our panel solicitors can handle your case on a no win, no fee basis which means there’s nothing to pay upfront and nothing to pay if your case is unsuccessful.

If your case is successful, our panel solicitors take between 25%- 50% from your awarded compensation. This varies amongst our panel members and will be dependent on the law firm we recommend you to as well as your claim type.

Full terms & conditions will be included in your solicitor’s agreement so please read this carefully and speak to them if you are unsure of anything before signing. For more information, please visit our No win No fee page.

If you are one of the unlucky patients which has received inadequate treatment, a poor standard of care, been misdiagnosed or mistreated and it’s resulted in neglect, harm or injury, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. If your family member received improper treatment or care which resulted in death, you also may be entitled to make a claim.

Our Panel Solicitors

Legal Assist has a dedicated panel of medical negligence solicitors which are specialists in complicated negligence matters. They are experts in the legal field of negligence cases, dealing with misdiagnosis, breach, negligence, serious injury and cases involving death. They have helped claimants all over the UK claim the compensation they are entitled to against the public and private health sectors.

For cases as complex as these, you need the right solicitor in place that is fully knowledgeable and experienced in this field. That’s why we would only recommend a firm which has a proven track record of handling & settling cases of this magnitude. Firms which offer a personal experience for the claimants and their families. Firms which are compassionate and well-equipped to handle cases of a sensitive nature which involve serious life-changing injuries or have resulted in the death of a loved one. Firms which have settled high value cases and helped make the future more secure for those involved.

Our panel of clinical and medical negligence solicitors can manage your case on a No Win No Fee basis which means it doesn’t cost you anything upfront, or if your case is lost. They take a percentage from your awarded settlement. Full terms and conditions will be included in your agreement with the law firm we recommend.

Please note: You do not need to use a claims management company to make a claim for compensation. You can use a solicitor or company of your own choice or alternatively you can make a claim yourself for free via the person/entity you wish to claim from or via the relevant ombudsman service. Links to their websites can be found below.

Common types of negligence claims

  • Birth Injury Claims involving Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, Stillbirth, Broken Bones & Lack of Oxygen.
  • Accident & Emergency Claims involving misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, failure to refer for appropriate testing, inadequate examination.
  • Orthopaedic Claims involving undiagnosed fractures, negligent operations or unnecessary surgery.
  • Misdiagnosis Claims involving Cancer, Meningitis, Diabetes, Stroke and other illnesses & diseases.
  • Surgery Claims involving nerve damage, amputations, Anaesthetic awareness, Contaminated blood and negligence.
  • Fatal Negligence Claims
  • Cosmetic Surgery Claims
  • Dental Negligence Claims
  • Gp Negligence Claims

If you had an elective surgery such as a total hip, knee or shoulder replacement, a complex trauma surgery or even a simple procedure which has gone terribly wrong, or perhaps you were misdiagnosed or your conditions worsened significantly after medical intervention, there may be grounds to make a claim for any malpractice which has caused injury, adverse effects, suffering or loss. This also includes childbirth too. Negligence and breach cases come in many forms which can be genuine but costly mistakes, poor medical standards, or a serious breach of duty which can impact a patient’s health, safety, appearance, and wellbeing.

Time Barriers

You can start a medical negligence claim within 3 years of finding out about the negligence or breach, or if you were a child at the time of the treatment, you have 3 years from the date of your 18th Birthday to make a claim. Simply get in touch to find out more.

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