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Family Law

Family law covers legal issues related to family relationships. It encompasses a variety of matters including marriage, divorce, child custody, and support, adoption, and domestic violence. The primary focus of family law is to resolve disputes and ensure the fair and just treatment of all parties involved in family-related matters.

Our Panel

Legal Assist gives you access to a panel of Family Law Solicitors Firms which are experts in providing essential support and guidance throughout the legal process, explaining your rights and options, giving expert legal advice, navigating mediation, arranging financial settlements and legal representation. They are experienced professionals ready to assist you in the following areas:

Please note: We are a claims management company authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority in respect of claims management activities, however this page is for non-regulated activities.

You do not need to use a claims management company for this matter. You do not need to use our panel solicitors either. You have the right to proceed with a solicitor’s firm or company of your own choice.

Divorce and Separation

  • Legal Advice: Explain your legal rights and options regarding divorce or separation.
  • Filing for Divorce: Assist with preparing and filing divorce papers.
  • Separation Agreements: Help draft and negotiate terms for a separation agreement, covering aspects like property division and child arrangements.

Financial Settlements

  • Division of Assets: Ensure a fair division of marital assets, including property, savings, investments, and pensions.
  • Spousal Maintenance: Advise on entitlement to spousal support and help negotiate maintenance agreements.
  • Child Maintenance: Assist in arranging child maintenance payments and resolving disputes.

Child Arrangements

  • Custody and Visitation: Help determine custody arrangements and visitation rights in the best interest of the child.
  • Parental Responsibility: Provide guidance on issues related to parental responsibility, including legal rights and duties towards a child.
  • Relocation: Advise on the legal implications and requirements for relocating with children, either within the UK or internationally.


  • Cohabitation Agreements: Draft agreements to protect the rights of unmarried couples living together.
  • Property Disputes: Resolve disputes over property ownership and financial contributions between cohabiting partners.
  • Separation: Advise on the separation process for cohabiting couples, including financial and child arrangements.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Drafting Agreements: Create prenuptial (before marriage) and postnuptial (after marriage) agreements to protect your assets and set out financial arrangements in case of separation.

Adoption and Fostering

  • Legal Guidance: Provide advice on the legal process of adoption or fostering.
  • Application Assistance: Help with preparing and submitting the necessary paperwork and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Domestic Violence

  • Protection Orders: Assist in obtaining restraining orders or other legal protections against an abusive partner.
  • Legal Representation: Represent you in court proceedings related to domestic violence.

Parental Responsibility

  • Rights and Duties: Advise on acquiring and exercising parental responsibility, including making decisions about a child’s upbringing, education, and health.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

  • Mediation Services: Facilitate mediation sessions to help resolve family disputes amicably.
  • Negotiation: Negotiate on your behalf to reach settlements outside of court.

Representation in Court

  • Legal Representation: Represent you in family court proceedings, ensuring your case is presented effectively.
  • Case Preparation: Prepare all necessary documentation and evidence to support your case.

A family law solicitor can provide critical support and expert guidance in a wide range of family-related legal issues. If you are interested in discussing this with a solicitor’s firm on our panel, feel free to contact us.

Solicitor’s Fees

Fees vary from law firm to law firm. Some may charge you on hourly rates, fixed fees, or staged payment options. We do not deal with this aspect so if the price quoted by one of our panel members is too high or doesn’t seem competitive, you do not have to go with that law firm. It doesn’t cost you anything to have a conversation with them to see if they are the right fit for you and your circumstances. We do not charge you a fee for introducing you to any of our panel members and the initial telephone consultation with the solicitor’s firm is free of charge.

Legal Assist does not offer legal advice of any kind. Our panel solicitors may be able to offer their services to you however you are under no obligation to utilise their services even after your initial consultation with them. Any solicitors firm we recommend is an independent firm from whom you will receive impartial professional legal advice from. We are paid a recommendation fee for successful introductions however this has no impact on the level of service you would receive with them or the fees that you would be charged by that panel member. You are also free to seek legal advice through a solicitor’s firm or legal advisor of your own choice or pursue this matter yourself for free.

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