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Whether you require expert advice or need guidance on what legal steps to take, our family law solicitors are able to help you. In addition to handling all family law matters, we conduct expert soliciting to reduce your stress and pain.

It is wise to take care of your finances once the relationship ends. Receiving legal advice from an expert can do wonders in a scenario like this. Other than the financial settlements, you have to take care of several other affairs. One of them is your children’s custody and welfare.

We will help you in effectively representing yourself and taking critical steps to improve your outcomes.

Sensitive Family Law Representation

Family law covers some of the most sensitive legal cases. Throughout the years we have stood with our clients and dealt with their matters with sincerity.

Our team specialises in their domain and they always look to deliver the best for you and your children.

We aim to appoint the best option for every case, which means you will be given a solicitor who is an expert in your problem. All you have to do is provide the details of the issues you are experiencing and we will pair you with a suitable family law solicitor.

Our team can help you with your family matters such as,

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Financial settlement
  • Cohabitation
  • Domestic abuse
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Annulments
  • Mediation
  • Civil partnership dissolution

We understand if you are hesitant to hire a solicitor. However, you can request a free consultation call of up to an hour where we can offer expert advice which is super helpful.

How much will a solicitor cost?

At legal assist, we will assess your case the first chance we get and provide a detailed quote. This quotation will be based on our conversation and the plan of action agreed upon.

In order to provide you with the best possible assurance and transparency, we will provide you with a contract detailing estimated costs and a timeline, either on a fixed fee basis or on an hourly basis with staged payments on account.

If the case gets complicated, for example, the case is presented to the crown court then we might agree to change the fees and leave our standard fixed fee.

No win No fee

Our panel of dedicated solicitors offers a ‘No Win No Fee’ service on Personal Injury, Housing Disrepair and Financial Claims. ‘ No Win No Fee’ is an agreement between you and your solicitor which means they will work for you without you having to pay anything upfront, or anything if your case is unsuccessful. 

Full terms and conditions will be included in your solicitors agreement. For more information visit our ‘No Win No Fee’ page.

Request a callback from our team

Request a callback from our team

Why should I claim?

After the incident, you are left with a lot of pain and bills. These bills are expensive as they cover your treatment, transportation cost and injuries. But, the worst is yet to come as you are unable to attend work and won’t get paid for those days either.

Now let’s look at the other side, when you claim and our solicitors fight your case, you can get compensated for your medical and transportation bills, and also for the days you were not able to go for work. It is a fair deal and you deserve it.

How do I claim

The first step is to call us for a free consultation and we’ll review your case and understand how it should proceed. Then your case will be forwarded to a solicitor who is best suited for this area.

From here, you don’t have to worry about anything as our solicitor will work on your case, gather all the information and create a file that represents you and what you’ve been through, and that you were not the one at fault.

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