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5 Things You Need to Know About Property Law

Property Law is a legal domain that covers a number of issues. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or even mortgage a property, you need to get accustomed to several areas of property law.

And with little to no knowledge about Property law, most people end up disrupting their property deals.

The prime scenario is when you have a property law expert by your side who deals with all sorts of property disputes. Yet, you need to better understand what you are getting into. So, in this blog, we will be looking over several aspects of property law and why they matter.

Claims of Disrepair Property Law

A landlord is obliged by the law, to keep the property in the best shape for their tenants. However, tenants later find out that the property is unfit to live in. The disrepair can be of different types like mould, damps, broker furniture, etc. 

When their request for repairs is not listened to by the landlord or the local council, the best route is to hire a property law expert.

The expert who works with disrepair issues can effectively work in resolving your property law or in this case housing disrepair matter. They can help you get the necessary repairs, or help you claim compensation against your ignorant landlord.

Deposit disputes

Wherever there is a property rented in the UK, the tenant has to submit a deposit which the landlord is responsible for giving to an authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme. Several landlords refuse to do that and use that money elsewhere, which results in a dispute between both parties.

Property law acts in your best interest when facing a similar issue.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes are another popular matter in the realm of property litigation. Tension between two house owners can easily grow if there is confusion with the boundary wall of their property. 

You can hire a mediator who acts as an unbiased entity in the process, providing valuable options supported by the rules and regulations of the law, or you can get legal help regarding the boundary dispute.

Buying a Residential Property

Choosing a property you want to buy is easy, but actually getting into the legal process is quite lengthy and stressful. This is where a commercial property law expert gets involved and does all the heavy lifting for you.

The property expert is responsible for all the paperwork, as well as keeping both parties on the same page.

Selling a Residential Property

Just like buying, selling a residential property is equally stressful and requires a lot of time and effort. Even though the process is the opposite, you still need experienced personnel to take control of the dealings which involve the paperwork and lengthy meetings.

Legal Assist can connect you to a legal expert who will do the tough job on your behalf.


Property law can be stressful for someone with casual knowledge. Whether you are buying or selling a property, or stuck in a boundary or deposit dispute, you need an expert property law solicitor to eliminate all the hurdles in your legal battle.

Legal Assist has an experienced property law panel that has successfully helped people get their problems resolved. With just one call, you can get access to our 24/7 expert support who will assess your case and provide you with brilliant options to go forward with.

You can even book a session with our legal experts who will guide you through the difficult aspects of property law and tell you about constitutions that could help your case, such as the Law of Property Act 1925, etc.

You can contact Legal Assist today with just one click Land dispute resolution.

No win No fee

Our panel of dedicated solicitors offers a ‘No Win No Fee’ service on Personal Injury, Housing Disrepair and Financial Claims. ‘ No Win No Fee’ is an agreement between you and your solicitor which means they will work for you without you having to pay anything upfront, or anything if your case is unsuccessful. 

Full terms and conditions will be included in your solicitors agreement. For more information visit our ‘No Win No Fee’ page.

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Why should I claim?

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