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Types of Pedestrian Accident and How to Avoid Them

Whenever you see a news report of a road accident. Speed and drunk driving are among the most common factors. 

If you are a pedestrian involved in an a pedestrian accident, you will require medical care to recover from the serious injuries and if it is the other way around then you will have to present yourself in court and face the charges against you.

In either case, it is a pretty dirty scenario and both parties would wish it to never have happened. The best we can do is at least know the very simple ways of avoiding these pedestrian accidents.

Avoiding a Pedestrian Accident with 4 Simple Ways?

At Legal Assist alone, we have documented a staggering number of pedestrian accidents that happened just last year. And there are numerous reasons behind it. But one thing is for certain, there is someone who has to take the blame.

Here are the 4 most common reasons for a road pedestrian accident.


Drivers who just love driving fast should understand that their vehicle’s speed could end up hurting someone.

We get it that there is a thrill when driving at fast speed but the outcome is extreme and could ruin lives. Remember driving at high speed hurts your visibility and you never know what comes out in front you. 

You might not see the traffic light turn red and hurt a pedestrian crossing the road.

And even as a pedestrian, you have to be aware of the road even if the traffic lights are red. The lousy and fast driver often misses the signal and speeds across the road.

Alcohol and Drugs

Remember if you are a driver under the influence of any kind of substance that might trouble your driving, you are not only risking your life but also the lives of others on the road. Alcohol and drugs can be harmful in any scenario let alone driving.

Drunk drivers often bump into civilians who are just walking toward a supermarket, their offices, or even towards their homes. This causes severe damage to their physical and mental health and can sometimes lead to fatal injuries.

What we can advise is to always be aware of a vehicle that is being reckless while driving and stay at a significant distance from that vehicle.

And the same goes for pedestrians who often take drugs and alcohol. Do not go out when drunk or under drugs. Try to stay in the light where you are visible to other vehicles.

Reckless Driving-Pedestrian Accident

Reckless driving is very dangerous as it can not only get the driver into a rough accident but it can hurt the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

There are tons of reasons why a reckless driver has more chance of being involved in an accident. A reckless driver often fails to read the traffic signal because they are more busy using their phones or watching irrelevant outside activities.

A reckless driver is more likely to drift towards the side of the road as they are not active while driving. Reckless drivers are quite reckless when it comes to reading important safety signs on the road and are more likely to hurt pedestrians who are crossing the road.

So always be active on the road and care for the safety of others. 

Vehicle Malfunction

If a vehicle is not up to form or requires repair then there are higher chances that it can ignite an accident. There are numerous reports suggesting brake failure, engine failure, and tire detachment that bring serious harm to everyone involved in an accident.

So keeping your car in top shape is a must.

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Why should I claim?

After the incident, you are left with a lot of pain and bills. These bills are expensive as they cover your treatment, transportation cost and injuries. But, the worst is yet to come as you are unable to attend work and won’t get paid for those days either.

Now let’s look at the other side, when you claim and our solicitors fight your case, you can get compensated for your medical and transportation bills, and also for the days you were not able to go for work. It is a fair deal and you deserve it.

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